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The Stone Project is founded, funded and operated by industry people who understand the nuances and the dynamic patterns of change in the global supply chain and in the US market.

We are a new paradigm in sales and distribution that allows premium brands more direct access to and feedback from the US architectural market.

We specialize in rigorously designed high quality products, and bespoke cut to size projects that require our specialized project management.

Our Process

Our specialty throughout our careers has been project work and we like to focus our attention on the individual customer, understand their stone and tile needs, and consult with them to make sure they get what they need.  We work on a wide gamut of projects in this way, and we streamline the local buying, international buying, importing, distribution, and fabrication of the goods for select clients in this way.  

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Our Warehouse & Headquarters

Located at 10 New Maple Ave in Pine Brook NJ, our 22000 sf Warehouse and showroom facility operates more like a boutique than a distribution center.  The materials we stock are differentiated in their design and innovation from more traditional distribution channels.  We are focused on the niche architectural products difficult to come by through traditional distribution.  Our warehouse also facilitates careful and attentive unloading, storage, consolidating, loading and delivery if needed for our customers projects.


10 New Maple Ave. Suite 307

Pine Brook, NJ 07058 - USA







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