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Our Professional Services

Specification and Design

We can engage with your teams from the beginning of the project and will help to ensure the materials specified are appropriate for the use case, and available in the selection and sizes required, while coming as close to the aesthetic inspiration as possible for the materials chosen.



We help our clients achieve their budgeting goals through product engineering and streamlining of the supply chain to the extent that it is possible for their project.



Projects of scale typically carry long lead times, planning the process and ordering on time helps, but in the event some of these important milestones are missed by others, we can work with you to come up with ways schedules can be compressed, and projects completed on time.


Technical Services

We can supply Shop Tickets, Cut Tickets, 3D Modeling, and Photo Montages as needed.  Paired with our expertise concerning how each material can be utilized and fabricated, this helps to ensure accuracy, so that quality standards and design expectations are set appropriately and met throughout the entire process.



Our expert network of quarries, factories, agents, inspectors, and freight carriers work closely with our team to deliver best in class procurement capabilities and supply chain management.  We pride ourselves on transparent and clear communication to bring together the component pieces of our supply chain to deliver responsive, cohesive communication and accountability to our clients and their customers throughout the procurement process.



Our inspection services are available for assessing raw material availability in quarries and in block form, managing selections and expectations for what is achievable with the raw material available, and looking in on production and packaging throughout the process.  Stone projects all benefit from additional quality control and quality assurance throughout the process.  This makes a huge difference in the quality of our communication and our ability to make any necessary adjustments at the source as opposed to at the end of the project. 

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