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StoneGlass is a family owned and operated business headquartered in the province of Pisa, Italy.  They are the premier global distributor and fabricator of the crystal slabs and microglass slabs  in pure white and pure black.  These materials are extraordinarily versatile building products, and coupled with their expertise in the fabrication and engineering of their materials, StoneGlass can help in the design and execution of façades, laser etched patterns, logos and custom designs on the surface of their materials, the application of textures to their materials, and even heating and bending their materials to follow curved surfaces as required on a wide variety of projects.


Their material represents the whitest and blackest options for architectural surfaces that we have seen.  It is often our answer to the questions that begin with “I need the whitest...” and “I need the blackest...”.  The compact saturated color and structure of these materials allow for stunningly pure color applications in interiors and exteriors. 

The white color in the proprietary slip resistant breeze texture is suitable for exterior flooring applications including pool decks and copings. 

The material is suitable for countertops, tabletops, flooring and walls.  It is virtually nonporous, acid resistant, UV resistant, heat resistant, and recyclable. The black color will show more scratching, and is therefore only recommended in the appropriate unpolished finishes for light traffic flooring.  It will also require more frequent cleanings than the white color, as is the case with any pitch black shiny surface. Despite the fact that any pure white and pure black surface will show dirt, the material is very easy to clean.  Simple neutral glass cleaners like Windex can be used.

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Unlike most of this style of glass in the market the StoneGlass brand has some significant advantages.  Making sure to utilize the registered StoneGlass product adds layers of quality control and quality assurance into the product:

The 18mm thick Black and White slab material is calibrated so the thickness is within a +/- 0.5 millimeter tolerance.  

The 3 cm thick white slabs are calibrated so the thickness is within a +/- 1 millimeter tolerance.

The calibration of the material makes fabrication easier.

StoneGlass is produced with ingredients and a production process proprietary to StoneGlass, so there are no air pockets inside the slabs or on its surface.  This has been a problem from some similar glass products in the market.

The slabs have less tension than other brands and will not warp, making StoneGlass the premier black and white solid color glass slabs for fabricators and end users.




1-1/4" White / Polished Finish

1-1/4" White / Matt Finish

18mm. White / Polished Finish

18mm. White / Matt Finish

18mm. Black / Polished Finish

18mm. White / Bamboo Finish

18mm. White / 3D Face 2A Polished Finish
18mm. White / 3D Fa
ce 2B Polished Finish

Stoneglass 2A Slab Photo.png

White / 3D Face 2A & 2B
Polished Finish

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