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Founded in 1992, MIPA (Manifattura Italiana Pavimenti Artistici), makes one of a kind handmade terrazzo products of extraordinarily high quality using multi-generational know-how, and methods that they have improved upon over time with their own technological innovation. Terrazzo is a classical material and the components MIPA uses are all natural: marble dust and grains, white cement, and natural oxides for pigment.  Their 20x20cm (nominal 8” x 8”) tiles come in a broad color pallet in solid colors, and in myriad decorative patterned tiles, all made to order for custom projects, eliminating waste from the production process.  The patterned tiles are poured by hand into metallic molds which are then removed before pressing and finishing.  This is a very artisanal production method that the factory has perfected the art of in order to produce projects of scale with high quality and consistency.   This smaller format allows for thinner tile (1.1cm thickness) and easier installation than other pre cast Terrazzo products on the market.  The series below are all part of their vast 20x20cm (nominal 8” x 8”) collections that are modular and can be combined, allowing you to make their designs your own:

Moron (avorio, lava, polvere)
avorio, carta da zucchero, tortora
bianco cristallo, grisaglia, grigio argento
Mediana L

The Modulo series from MIPA features thicker (2cm thickness) material than the smaller tiles, and larger marble chips, produced from blocks, and custom cut into shapes that make dynamic patterns and also available in solid colors up to 60x60cm (nominal 24” x 24”) per the brochure below:

Modulo Collection / Diagonal 
Domus 1

The Seeds and Slabs series from MIPA allow for even larger format surfaces, up to 120x120cm (nominal 48” x 48”), produced from blocks, and typically cut to 2cm and 3cm thickness with even larger marble chips contained within the matrix per the brochures below:

Mipa_Seeds .jpg
Mipa_Slabs Collection.jpg
Seeds / tef
Slabs Collection

MIPA products are entirely made in Italy.  MIPA is a family owned and operated business.  Their Terrazzo has approx. 80% marble content which is extra-ordinarily high compared to many other cement bound Terrazzo products on the market.  The end result is a denser and more resilient surface than products that have a higher cementitious content in them.  Like all marble and cement products the material does have some absorption, should be sealed, and will patina over time, but it can also be spot treated and re-buffed as needed to restore the finish for a hard wearing long lasting surface.

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